Well, well, well, after nearly 1 year of traveling throughout Asia, with three of my best friends, I must say that it has been my most amazing experience to date. I cannot thank everyone enough, so many new and great friends I have met along the way and many more to come, i’m sure. It’s crazy to think about what I have experienced over the past year, starting out in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam, we were 4 guys with one goal; to ride a motorcycle halfway around the world to Paris. Now, we’re 4 guys and better friends than ever. I’ve been thinking about the next chapter of this adventure, because this ain’t over, not by a damn sight. Personally this trip has taught me what really matters but more importantly what doesn’t, which is why i’m taking a break from the ‘Saigon To Paris’ team to focus on music, writing and playing shows. Spending day after day on a motorcycle for up to 15 hours to cover ground before our Visas expire in whichever country we’re crossing has made my career as a musician difficult to maintain. Although i have penned plenty of new lyrics, I need time to turn them into songs and cannot wait to play them live.

I’ve said my fair wells to the guys and given them a big hug for the time being and will rendezvous with them in a few months after they have conquered the Middle East, starting in Kyrgyzstan. I’ve sold my beloved Royal Enfield Shiva to a great Slovenian friend I met in India; Marko who is now away on his own adventure, i’m happy she’s in good hands…

I know people have been wondering what’s happening with the trip as we haven’t been posting much on social media or updating the website and it’s because unfortunately my laptop was destroyed in India. It was only a matter of time, considering the lifestyle, a computer octopus strapped to a motorcycle for the better part of a year in rain, hail, and shine, doesn’t do it any favours obviously. Thankfully the hard drive containing all of the footage and photos is ok, so in the coming months we will get back to work on video editing and we’ll have plenty of new and old episodes to release. This being said, there’s not much that can be done with a Macbook in India so I decided to fly home to get a new one and pickup my favourite old touring guitar. Peter at Big Foot Stomp Boxes was kind enough to build me a beautiful custom stomp box from Australian hardwood in a matter of days that i’m sure will shake down venues around the world & Mark at Woodskin sorted me out with some super portable foot percussion, thank you guys! I also needed a new pair of trusty R.M. Williams boots, a massive thank you to Pat and Courtney at R.M. for endorsing me for hiking Mt. Everest in their boots (apparently a first & I now hold the record for destroying for their boots the fastest). Please take a look at their social media sites for publicity shots coming soon.

Yet again, i’m packing my bags full of drums, strings, riding gear, a few clothes and of course my guitar and I’m en route to Tel Aviv, Israel to see my girlfriend, write, play shows and as it’s coming into to summer of course have a surf! I’ll be announcing shows in the near future so for my friends in Israel & Europe, it will be great to catch up with everyone again and of course when the guys make it down to Turkey they will be headed across the Mediterranean to rendezvous before hitting Paris.